RM Sotheby's is inarguably the leading classic car and automobilia auction house for selling collections at live auctions as well as online. We have sold more than $340 million in collections in the last five years and have sold more collections above estimate than any other auction house, in addition to having the number one sell-through rate.

Over the years, many important collectors and estates have chosen to sell their automotive assets with RM Sotheby's – whether at a bespoke single private collection sale hosted at the location where the collection resides, at a single-segment sale where the assets are brought to auction and sold within one of our calendar auctions, or selling their collection online through RM Sotheby's industry-leading collector car auction platform. 

RM's experienced and skilled staff can handle all aspects of every sale, from pre-sale preparation and conditioning to careful cataloguing and stunning photography. What would otherwise be a difficult and time-consuming task becomes a simple and efficient process that maximizes the proceeds where it counts – in the final price at auction.

With our international network of buyers and our track record of sales surpassing a collection's high estimate, the choice to take advantage of RM's industry-leading marketing and unsurpassed services—whether as a private collection sale, a single-segment sale, or by selling online—has never made more sense.


The Guikas Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: €45.1M   |   Total Sold: €39.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The Guikas Collection auction, unquestionably one of the most anticipated European sales of recent years, was concluded in spectacular style on 19 November, with all 87 lots including cars, parts, and memorabilia, finding new homes at a total sales figure of €39,532,700. With the auction taking place in the magnificent surroundings of the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, France, the event offered an entirely unique auction experience, with many of the 77 cars on offer being demonstrated on track as they went under the hammer. Bidders at the auction represented 38 countries, with new world-record values established at the once-in-a-generation single-owner collection sale.

A Passion For Elegance

Pre-sale Estimate: CHF6.1M   |   Total Sold: CHF11.1M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
RM Sotheby’s enjoyed a successful night of results at its Passion For Elegance auction, held in Liechtenstein on 19 June. The 26-lot sale represented a wonderfully curated single-owner collection of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars, and one of the finest collections of luxury British automobiles to ever be publicly offered. The collection held strong pre-sale interest which transitioned into outstanding results, exceeding expectations and achieving CHF11.1 million. A best-in-class highlight was the 1954 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV Limousine 'Princess Margaret' by H.J. Mulliner, one of only 18 Phantom IVs produced, and built for HRH, Princess Margaret, which was completed and delivered to her in 1954. This Phantom IV Limousine is rare in the extreme and was secured for a remarkable CHF2,255,000 (€2,081,365), a world-record for a Phantom IV offered at auction and a figure that saw the car well surpass its pre-sale estimate of CHF400,000 – CHF600,000.

The Elkhart Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: $36.1M   |   Total Sold: $44.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
RM Sotheby’s presented the exceptional Elkhart Collection in a live auction held in Elkhart, Indiana. Featuring over 240 highly collectable cars and a wide selection of automobilia offered almost entirely without reserve, the two-day auction executed on behalf of trustees of U.S. Bankruptcy Court saw spirited bidding activity both in the auction room and remotely from no less than 2,500 bidders from 53 countries, with 55 percent of bidders representing first-time RM Sotheby’s clientele.

The Mitosinka Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: $1.6M   |   Total Sold: $1.8M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 99%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Online Sale
RM Sotheby’s concluded its time-based, Online Only auction of The Mitosinka Collection, featuring 31 vintage motor cars and more than 400 lots of automobilia, collectibles, and ephemera. The auction saw bidders participating from no less than 32 countries, with 41 percent representing first-time RM clientele, a testament to the collection and the lifetime of dedication and curation by Dennis Mitosinka.

The Taj Ma Garaj Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: $5.2M   |   Total Sold: $5.7M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The renowned Taj Ma Garaj Collection featured 32 rare and eclectic Porsche and Volkswagen motor vehicles, as well as 356 lots of memorabilia from the late prominent collector Mr. John Dixon. The single-day absolute auction held in Dayton, Ohio, began before a packed house, with every seat in the auction area filled as collectors raised their paddles for the chance to go home with one of John Dixon’s prized collectibles or cars. John Dixon was well-known for the humor and creativity used in some of his cars and custom builds. Quirky automobiles from the Taj Ma Garaj Collection drew much pre-sale and auction-room interest, with several cars exceeding expectations.

The Sáragga Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: €8.7M   |   Total Sold: €10.1M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The incredible, single-owner Sáragga Collection, offered entirely without reserve, featured 127 cars representing all budgets and eras of the collector car market. RM Sotheby’s first-ever auction in Portugal saw hundreds of buyers fill the room to secure cars from this unique sale near the stunning beach resort region of Comporta. The collection was distinctive for featuring many cars with outstanding Portuguese provenance.

The Guyton Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $8.9M   |   Total Sold: $11.7M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The esteemed Guyton Collection comprised 73 automobiles and hundreds of lots of automobilia from the late Mr. Fred Guyton, offered entirely without reserve. The 4–5 May auction was RM Sotheby’s 34th private collection at auction and drew strong bidding activity from more than 27 countries around the world, with more than 40 percent of bidders representing first-time RM Sotheby’s clientele. A renowned architect and active member of the St. Louis community, Mr. Guyton was also a treasured and respected figure within collecting and car club circles, having amassed his collection over more than four decades. The sale featured historic American and European motor cars from the Veteran, Brass, and Classic Eras—many of which had been in the collection for decades. Well over 500 pieces of automobilia, collectibles, petroliana, sports memorabilia, and original artwork were auctioned alongside more than 3,000 model and toy cars, including what was regarded as one of the world’s finest assortments of Minic Clockwork Toy Cars.

The Dingman Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $5.1M   |   Total Sold: $7.0M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The Dingman Collection, offered entirely without reserve, comprised the remarkable cars and collectibles of the late Mr. Michael Dingman. This third and final auction, which succeeded earlier auctions in 2006 and 2012, was likewise a resounding success with record bidder registration and final results that far exceeded the catalogue estimates. Certainly, the desire to acquire a valued piece from Mr. Dingman's collection was a strong contributing factor, as was the collection's reputation for quality. Finally, however, it was RM Sotheby's ability to bring bidders to the table who were exclusively car collectors at a very high price point, which contributed to the record sales, as these individuals bid concurrently and very competitively against the pre-existing "sign-buyers".

Duemila Ruote

Pre-Sale Estimate: €24.2M   |   Total Sold: €51.3M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
In what can only be described as 'record-breaking,' RM Sotheby's captured the attention of the global collector community with incredible results at its Duemila Ruote sale in Milan. Coinciding with the Milano AutoClassica—the Classic & Sports Car Show—the auction represented the largest automotive-themed collection sale ever held in Europe. During approximately 30 hours of auctioneering, 817 lots—comprising an astounding selection of motor cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and automobilia, all from one single private collection—were sold all without reserve with remarkable results. 

The Paul and Chris Andrews Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $49.0M   |   Total Sold: $53.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The result of more than 15 years of dedicated and meticulous acquisition by the father and son team, the Andrews Collection is widely known and respected by the global collector community for its exceptional quality, diversity, presentation, and historical significance. The sale, staged as part of an effort to pare down the collection to a more manageable size, lifted the gavel on a total 78 vehicles and select automobilia before a packed house. 

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum 

Pre-Sale Estimate: $6.0M   |   Total Sold: $9.1M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
A true labor of love carefully amassed over more than 15 years by businessman and lifelong collector Bruce Weiner, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum was internationally celebrated as the world's finest and largest collection of rare microcars. After making a decision to disperse the collection in 2012, Weiner entrusted RM to present 200 vehicles and 284 lots of collectibles without reserve, setting the scene for one of the most colorful and fun collector car auctions in recent history. 

The Milhous Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $31.0M   |   Total Sold: $38.3M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Dedicated Onsite Sale
The result of over 50 years of dedicated collecting by brothers Bob & Paul Milhous, the Milhous Collection represented the ultimate collector's toy box, brimming with an incredible series of rare and highly desirable collectibles. The sale featured over 550 lots, all of which were offered without reserve, of an unparalleled series of mechanical musical instruments, automobiles, and collectibles, handpicked from around the world and represented the 'best of the very best.' 


The Petitjean Collection 'Part II'

Pre-Sale Estimate: €8.5M   | Total Sold: €12.2M   | Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Paris 2022
The highlight of RM Sotheby’s Paris 2022 sale, The Petitjean Collection ‘Part II’ featured an assemblage of 28 Ferrari road cars offered entirely without reserve, comprising a total of thirty years of Ferrari history from 1959 to 1989. From the collection of Monsieur Marcel Petitjean, the offerings showcased one man’s passion and dedication to building a fine collection of cars, bringing in a total of €12.2 million. With all of the lots being vigorously contested, a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO ended up leading both the collection and the whole of the Paris sale itself at a record-breaking €3,464,375 for the model. Additional highlights from the collection included a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 by Scaglietti, totaling €2,367,500, and a 1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso by Scaglietti with a final hammer price of €1,186,250.

The Tenenbaum Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $5.2M   | Total Sold: $7.5M   | Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Arizona 2022
Featuring a selection of European sports and supercars, The Tenenbaum Collection sold for an impressive $7.5 million at RM Sotheby’s Arizona 2022 sale. A unique set of offerings, the collection’s cars sported desirable specifications, low production numbers, originality, and unique color combinations. Leading the collection were a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder and a 1987 Porsche 959 ‘Komfort,’ both selling for $1.6 million, followed closely behind by a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at $1,545,000.

The Paul Andrews Estate Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $38.9M   | Total Sold: $34.4M   | Sell-Through Rate: 96%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2021
The opening night of the three-day Monterey auction kicked off with the presentation of The Paul Andrews Estate Collection, a remarkable collection of more than 90 years of automotive history and offered almost entirely without reserve. Results for the Collection were led by the stunning 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT by Zagato, undoubtedly one of the most collectable Aston Martins in existence and achieved $9,520,000—proving to be the top seller of the night and the overall top-selling lot of the auction.

The Fox Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $10.4M   | Total Sold: $14.3M   | Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2021
The Fox Collection offered entirely without reserve on the third day of the Monterey auction, featured some of the world’s most desirable modern era supercars and hypercars, all boasting unique or rare specifications. Leading the Collection was the 2003 Ferrari Enzo, one of two cars delivered in a Nero-and-Cuoio colorway, which smashed its presale estimate selling for a final $3,360,000. Of the 11 cars offered from The Fox Collection, eight secured a final price beyond their presale estimate.

The Petitjean Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: €7M   |   Total Sold: €7.3M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: The European Sale Featuring The Petitjean Collection 2020
The Petitjean Collection, a spectacular group of nearly 100 cars and a selection of collectibles assembled by lifelong enthusiast and ex-racing driver, Monsieur Marcel Petitjean, was offered entirely without reserve during the Wednesday sale session and generated €7.3 million at the final reckoning. Results for the Collection were led by the 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster, which sold for a final €759,000. Delivered new to France, the 300 SL was one of fewer than 30 examples specified with factory Rudge wheels from new and has resided in the Petitjean Collection since 1976.

The Poster Car Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: €6.2M   |   Total Sold: €6.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 95%   |   Offered At: Paris 2020
RM Sotheby’s enjoyed another successful night in Paris at its seventh annual sale during Rétromobile week. The much-lauded Poster Car Collection, which comprised a wonderful selection of iconic, poster-worthy cars from across the decades, was a standout feature of the sale. The star lot of the Poster Car Collection, the 1958 BMW 507 Series II, was the subject of high pre-auction interest, and on the night the beautifully restored roadster changed hands for an outstanding €1,996,250, under the imposing dome of Les Invalides, at Place Vauban. Other stand-out sales from the grouping included a 1992 Jaguar XJ220 at €398,750 (Est. €300,000/€350,000), a 1967 Iso Grifo GL Series I reaching €275,000 (Est. €200,000/€250,000) and a 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS restoration project bought for €263,750.

The Ed Meurer Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: $3.8M   |   Total Sold: $3.78M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Auburn Fall 2019
The Auburn Fall auction was led by the renowned Ed Meurer Collection of Detroit, Michigan, comprising more than 90 pre- and post-war American classic motor cars and 250 lots of automobilia, including vintage neon signs, gas pumps, and rare automobile parts, which achieved a total of nearly $4 million in sales. Offered almost entirely without reserve, the cars and the majority of the automobilia within the collection crossed the block during the Friday sale session, with the remaining collectibles going under the hammer on Sunday, bringing strong results across the group, with 100 percent of all lots sold.

The Ming Collection

Pre-sale Estimate: $5.3M   |   Total Sold: $6.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2019
Modern Ferraris were in high demand at RM Sotheby’s Monterey Auction, with the Ming Collection, an exceptional group of seven all-red, incredibly low-mileage Ferrari performance and supercars, bringing strong prices across the group, with nearly all lots reaching or exceeding high estimate. The Ming Collection was led by the sale of a rare 2006 Ferrari FXX in “time capsule” condition at a final $3,525,000 to set a new world record for the model at auction. There was spirited bidding across all cars offered out of the collection, and it was certainly a strong indicator of the continued demand for modern performance cars in virtually “as-new” condition.

The Thomas F. Derro Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $5.5M   |   Total Sold: $5.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Hershey 2017
The Thomas F. Derro Collection, one of the Northeast's greatest collections of American automobiles, offered entirely without reserve, stole the show at our 2017 Hershey auction, with many lots achieving or exceeding estimates. Drawing tremendous pre-sale interest, the 12-car Derro Collection was led by the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, the very first of just four examples and a mere three survivors, which brought a final $2.3 million following an extended contest between bidders in the room and on the phone.

A Private Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $9.8M | Total Sold: $11.7M |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Amelia Island 2017
Comprising an exceptional group of 10 iconic automobiles—ranging from marques such as Jaguar and Porsche to Alfa Romeo and Ferrari—this private, single-owner collection offered at our 2017 Amelia Island sale generated an outstanding $11.7M in sales and a 100 percent sell-through rate.

The Ferrari Performance Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $16.0M   |   Total Sold: $16.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2017
The second evening of RM Sotheby's flagship Monterey auction was a resounding success, with nearly all lots sold and several exceeding pre-sale expectations. The night was led by the Ferrari Performance Collection, a single-owner group made up of 13 iconic road-going Ferraris which brought a total of more than $16.5 million. The group, which spanned over 50 years of the marque's rich heritage, boasted low mileage and had been carefully maintained by its owner.

A Gentleman's Collection: The Pride & Passion of Orin Smith

Pre-Sale Estimate: $27.5M   |   Total Sold: $30.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Amelia Island 2017
RM Sotheby's 2017 Amelia Island sale was extended to two days with the addition of 'A Gentleman's Collection: The Pride & Passion of Orin Smith,' which featured an exclusive line-up of 63 lots that generated $31 million in sales with a 100 percent sell-through rate. A wonderful showcase of RM Sotheby's expertise and capabilities in handling private collection auctions, the sale represented the first time RM has hosted a Friday evening sale at Amelia and provided a fitting tribute to a man beloved by the Amelia crowd, drawing a packed sales room. 

A Private Collection of Exceptional Porsches

Pre-Sale Estimate: £2.5M   |   Total Sold: £4.7M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: London 2016
Thanks to its incredible single-owner provenance and the low mileage of the cars on offer, London 2016's private collection of exceptional Porsches generated enormous interest as soon as it was announced. Collectively, the group generated a remarkable £4,726,400, far exceeding pre-sale estimates and setting numerous new auction benchmarks in the process.

The Pinnacle Portfolio

Pre-Sale Estimate: $93.0M   |   Total Sold: $75.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 92%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2015
Comprising a superlative group of iconic sports and racing cars of the 1950s and '60s, joined by a superb roster of contemporary supercars, the two-hour Pinnacle Portfolio auction saw 25 vehicles cross the auction podium. The sale generated a record $75.4 million, an outstanding result representing a new record for a private automobile collection sold during a single-day sale. 

The Jeffrey Day Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $2.7M   |   Total Sold: $3.0M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Hershey 2014
The Jeffrey Day Collection attracted strong pre-sale interest, with a group of 50 "best of category" vehicles garnering fantastic prices on the podium, led by a highly optioned and beautifully restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner 'Glass Top.'

The Cars of John Moir, featuring the A-to-Z Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $2.6M   |   Total Sold: $3.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Hershey 2014
The Cars of John Moir comprised a series of 37 vehicles offered entirely without reserve. The group was headlined by the A-to-Z Collection, a unique concept representing not only each letter of the alphabet, but also a century of automotive design from 1900 to 1999. 

The Malcolm S. Pray Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $10.5M   |   Total Sold: $14.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Amelia Island 2014
The collection of renowned businessman and philanthropist Malcolm S. Pray featured no less than 17 automobiles, headlined by a 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi that he owned for half a century. With his passing in August 2013, the Pray family entrusted RM with the sale of several of Malcolm's vehicles at RM's Amelia Island sale.

The Tilley Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $4.4M   |   Total Sold: $5.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%   |   Offered At: Monterey 2013
William H. Tilley was a well-known Beverly Hills-based collector and Ferrari aficionado. The magnificent Tilley Collection spanned more than 56 years of Ferrari production and featured the following highlights: 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta, 1973 Ferrari 365 GTC/4, 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, 1990 Ferrari F40, 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1, and a 2010 Ferrari California.