Lot 376

Dare to Dream Collection

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary by Bertone


$665,000 USD | Sold

Canada | Toronto, Ontario



Chassis No.
Canadian Registration
  • One of approximately 657 examples built of the most highly developed Countach
  • A low-mileage example with just 2,660 km (~1,653 miles) showing on the odometer at the time of cataloguing
  • Desirably equipped with more powerful carbureted V-12 engine
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To fully appreciate the Lamborghini Countach, one must look back to its origins in the mid-1970s, when “sports car” meant an MG or a Triumph, and the term “supercar” had only recently been coined for this car’s predecessor, the Miura. Doors usually opened only one way, outward, and bodies were still curvy, without sharp angles or wedge shapes. Engines were still usually carried in the front.

Into this world came Marcello Gandini’s design, aptly named after a vulgar Italian expression of astonishment, “Countach!” To say that it broke the mold is both cliché and an understatement: This is a car that obliterated the mold. Incredibly low, flat, and angular in the best of ways, it resembled most other manufacturers’ concept vehicles—yet here it was, ready for production and available soon from one’s imported car dealer, in 1974. In production 16 years, it looked as modern and fresh at the end of its run in 1990 as it had when it was introduced. The 25th Anniversary edition introduced in 1988, was admittedly, in Lamborghini’s own view and intention, the ultimate Countach, named in honor of a quarter-century of the Lamborghini marque.

This Countach was restyled to the fullest extent possible without requiring re-homologation; cosmetically, ergonomically, and mechanically, the model was effectively born anew under the 25th Anniversary badge. To carry out this monumental development work, Lamborghini tasked none other than in-house talents Horacio Pagani and Sandro Munari. Pagani reformed the exterior front bumper, raking rear wing scoops, lights, rear bumper, and ground effects, while the interior benefitted from the integration of standard climate control, power windows and seats, improved bolstering, and a revised steering assembly. Munari implemented fine-tuned revisions to the suspension and maximized the tire dimensions front and back—a change that reportedly added sufficient grip to drop the car’s 0–60 mph benchmark by half a second. Overall, Pagani and Munari turned the Countach into a far more drivable, road-going machine than previous editions.

Research indicates that this Countach 25th Anniversary, chassis KLA12078, was delivered new to Al Ajda Automotive, Saudi Arabia on 27 July 1990. Notably, this example further features the more powerful, carbureted iteration of the Lamborghini V-12 engine. By 2005, the car was in the possession of a Canadian owner; according to the Carfax on file, just 621 kilometers were reported at the time of purchase. Later, in 2014, this Lamborghini became a part of the Dare to Dream Collection, where it has remained since.

Finished from the factory in Rosso Siviglia paint over a Champagne leather interior with Rosso piping, the odometer now shows just 2,660 kilometers (~1,653 miles) on the odometer at the time of cataloguing. An invoice on file from 2014 indicates the car was cosmetically reconditioned around the time of the most recent purchase. Across the body, the paint was refinished for a consistent look and the interior leather was repaired as needed, resulting in a tidy presentation today. It is accompanied now by tools and manuals with pouch.

As motoring journalist Johnny Lieberman stated in an August 2022 Motor Trend article, “The Countach is an attitude, a frame of mind, a monument to what could be and really what should be.” This is certainly a conclusion that any true enthusiast will endorse. An undeniable icon of the Italian motor industry, the Lamborghini Countach cemented the brand as a true player against rival sports car manufacturers Ferrari and Maserati by virtue of its powerful 12-cylinder engine and bold, innovative design. The 25th Anniversary edition served to both refine its attributes and amplify its outlandishness to create the ultimate iteration of this must-have supercar.