1976 Porsche 934

6 November 2021

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Chassis No.
  • Porsche’s first production-based turbocharged racer
  • One of only 31 factory-built 934 Group 4 racing cars
  • Outstanding six-year competition record
  • Upgraded to 935 mechanical specification
  • Fully documented, restored to original appearance
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Porsche’s 930 Turbo Carrera, unveiled in 1975, was the company’s fastest-ever production car to date, and the company quickly took it racing in Group 4, replacing the naturally aspirated RSR 3.0. One 934 was built for testing, after which 30 units were completed for sale to privateers.

Group 4 regulations mandated a near-standard body configuration and a minimum weight of 1120 kg. Removal of the stock seats, air conditioning, insulation, and other unnecessary items and installation of a full aluminum roll cage, additional gauges, and racing equipment left the 934 weighing a hair less than a well-equipped 930. Thus, the 930’s standard electric windows were retained, along with its standard rear-deck spoiler. Porsche was even able to add some weight where needed. The chassis was reinforced, including a stiff cross-brace tied into the front suspension mounts. Bilstein coil-overs were added, and wider 16-inch centre-lock BBS three-piece alloy wheels with racing tyres (235 x 10.5 front, 255 x 12 in back) required fiberglass fender extensions. Stronger hubs and brakes were borrowed from the 917. A 120-litre fuel cell and an oil tank filled the trunk area.

934s were fitted with a three-litre, flat-fan, single-turbo engine and strengthened four-speed transaxle. Unlike its predecessor, the naturally aspirated RSR 3.0, the 934 could be handful to drive. Some owners never mastered the single-turbo’s delayed power delivery; others caught on quickly and mastered the car’s habits.

According to Porsche expert Jürgen Barth, chassis 0172 was purchased new by tyre importer Richard Leder of Hamburg. Leder ran just seven events with this 934, securing a victory at Kassel Calden on 9 May 1976, his fourth time out. Unfortunately, the car crashed a few weeks later on the first lap of the Nürburgring ADAC 1000 km. Then, in June, Leder tragically died in a road accident and the car passed to Volker Merl, who campaigned the car in the German National Championship, along with a number of smaller national races.

Merl subsequently upgraded the 934’s original engine to a stronger 930/73, and was able to win at Avus in May of 1977. Merl eventually sold his 934 to a Swiss Porsche dealer, Peter Zbinden. Often paired with fellow Swiss Edi Kofel, Zbinden entered more than 30 events in 1978, 1979, and 1980, claiming no fewer than 16 class and overall wins. Zbinden converted the car to full 935 specification in 1980 before selling it to Pierre Schaerer of Bern, who ran the car primarily in Swiss championship races and hillclimbs. In 1982 the car was sold to Peter Baumann of Zurich, who used the car in club events in company with then-Porsche Sports Director Max Welti. Baumann subsequently restored the car to its original appearance and livery.

This 934 boasts an impressive pedigree: of 69 races entered, it recorded 18 overall victories or class wins and 29 podiums. After recommissioning and fitment of new tyres, this car would be eligible for such prestigious vintage events as the Le Mans Classic, Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, and others.

1976-04-11Hockenheim Richard Leder 6th
1976-04-25Sylt Richard Leder 3rd
1976-05-02Eifelrennen Nurburgring Richard Leder 9th
1976-05-09Kassel-Calden Richard Leder 1st
1976-05-23Avus Berlin Richard Leder 1st
1976-05-301000km Rennen Nurburgring Leder/Manrico Zancuso DNF
1976-08-15Zandvoort Volkert Merl DNS
1976-08-22Int. Hessen Preis Kassel Calden Volkert Merl 5th
1976-08-29Preis der Nationen, Hockenheim Volkert Merl DNQ
1976-09-12Ulm-Mengen Volkert Merl 1st
1976-10-04Rhein-Pokal-Rennen Wurttemberg Hessen, Hockenheim Volkert Merl DNF
1977-03-13Bergischer Lowe, Zolder Volkert Merl DNF
1977-04-17Hockenheim Volkert Merl 3rd
1977-04-24Flugplatzrennen Sylt Volkert Merl 2nd
1977-05-08Flugplatzrennen Kassel Calden Volkert Merl DNS
1977-05-22Avus Berlin Volkert Merl DNS
1977-06-12Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf Volkert Merl DNF
1977-07-03200 Meilen von Nurnberg Norisring Volkert Merl DNF
1977-07-24Flugplatzrennen Diepholz Volkert Merl 4th
1977-07-30GP von Deutschland Hockenheim Volkert Merl 8th
1977-08-21Flugplatzrennen Kassel Calden Volkert Merl DNF
1977-08-28Nurburgring-Trophy Volkert Merl Unknown
1977-09-18Ulm-Mengen Volkert Merl 2nd
1978-03-19Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 2nd
1978-04-164 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel DNS
1978-04-226 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel 7th
1978-04-30Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
1978-05-281000km-Rennen Nurburgring Zbinden/Edi Kofel 18th
1978-07-16Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st
1978-07-29GP von Deutschland HockenheimEdi Kofel 11th
1978-11-05Rheintal-Rennen, Nurburgring Edi Kofel 1st
1978-03-18Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
1978-04-08Jim Clark Rennen, HockenheimPeter Zbinden DNS
1979-03-16Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
1979-04-01Paul Ricard Edi Kofel 1st
1979-04-15Dijon Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1979-04-276 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel 7th
1979-04-29Hockenheim Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
1979-05-066 Stunden von Silverstone Zbinden/Edi Kofel 6th
1979-06-031000km Rennen NürburgringZbinden/Edi Kofel DNF
1979-08-19Bergrennen St. Ursannes Peter Zbinden 2nd/GR.4.
1979-09-166 Stunden von Vallelunga Zbinden/Edi Kofel 11th
1979-10-146 Stunden von Hockenheim Zbinden/Edi Kofel 1st
1980-04-06DijonEdi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1980-04-27Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1980-05-04Dijon Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
1980-05-116 Stunden von Silverstone Zbinden/Edi Kofel DNF
1980-05-18Monza Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1980-07-13Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st
1980-08-03Bergrennen Ayent-Anzere Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1980-08-17Oberhallau Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
1980-08-24St. Ursanne Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
1980-09-07Gurnigel Edi Kofel DNF
1980-09-08Hemberg Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
1980-10-193 Stunden von Hockenheim Zbinden/Werner Willi 1st
1981-03-22Hockenheim Pierre Schearer 2nd
1981-04-19Dijon Pierre Schearer 8th
1981-05-10Dijon Pierre Schearer 6th
1981-06-27Misano Pierre Schearer 5th
1981-07-12Hockenheim Pierre Schearer5th
1981-08-01GP von Deutschland Hockenheim Pierre SchearerDNF
1981-08-09Ayent-Anzere Pierre Schearer 11th
1981-08-23St. Ursanne Pierre Schearer 4th
1981-09-06La Roche la Berra Pierre Schearer 7th
1981-09-13Gurnigel Pierre Schearer 6th
1981-10-113 Stunden von Hockenheim Schearer/Enzo Calderari DNF
1982-07-13Bavaria-Rennen SalzburgringPierre Schearer 15th
1982-08-03Ayent-Azerre: Peter Zbinden2nd
1982-08-17Nordzee-Cup ZandvoortPierre Schearer2nd

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