The classic car market has never been more vibrant and attractive. Over the last 25 years, as its size has grown from $50 million to $1.3 billion, the popularity, international nature, and appeal of collector car events has flourished. Classic car ownership offers a thrilling lifestyle, providing entry into an exciting world of rallies, concours d'elegance events, historic racing, local "Cars & Coffee" gatherings, and so much more. Driving is a visceral experience; the smell, the sound, and the speed all contribute to an appreciation of an altogether different and uniquely exciting art form.

As a result, worldwide attendance at RM Sotheby's auctions has reached an all-time high, with bidders from over 70 countries participating via telephone, the Internet, and directly in our sales rooms, from Monterey, California, to Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Whether you intend to build or sell a collection, or are simply looking to gather expert advice in the areas of restoration, history, research, and market trends, RM Sotheby's understands that this is a passion-driven hobby and remains at your disposal. We are proud to take part in the collector car hobby and look forward to welcoming you to it as well.

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RM Sotheby's strives to outperform both our clients' and our own expectations, and this begins with strategic advice based on astute valuations. Our proprietary knowledge comes from the market insight gained through the transactions we manage on a daily basis. At RM, appraisals and valuations are a significant part of the wider variety of services offered to facilitate the acquisition, sale, and restoration of classic cars—an industry we know quite well. 

It's important to have proper appraisals on file for various purposes, including estate planning, collection management, probate, loan collateralization, and insurance, to name just a few. 

RM Sotheby's appraisals team helps produce credible appraisals for any of these purposes, tailored to the client and the job. These range from informal valuation assessments to formally documented appraisals that follow the criteria and standards as outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). RM Sotheby's appraisals have been routinely employed to assess important cars and collections and have been recognized by the courts as well as tax and legal professionals in the process, thus making us the foremost industry leader in this category of services. 

Working with executors, lawyers, accountants, and tax professionals, among others, we consistently go above our competitors in ensuring that you receive the highest quality assessments of your collectibles. Proof of our leadership can be found in our success as the world's foremost collector car auctioneer, and also in the strength of the relationships we continue to forge and maintain.

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RM Sotheby's is uniquely qualified and experienced in working with collecting families and their estate-planning attorneys and accountants to develop clear roadmaps for the management and dispersal of their collections.

RM Sotheby's is inarguably the leading classic car and automobilia auction house for selling collections at auction. We have sold more than $152 million in collections in the last three years and have sold more collections above estimate than any other auction house, in addition to having the number one sell-through rate.

Over the years, many important collectors and estates have chosen to sell their automotive assets with RM Sotheby's – whether at a bespoke single private collection sale hosted at the location where the collection resides, or at a single-segment sale where the assets are brought to auction and sold within one of our calendar auctions.

RM's experienced and skilled staff are capable of handling all aspects of every sale, from pre-sale preparation and conditioning to careful cataloguing and stunning photography. What would otherwise be a difficult and time-consuming task becomes a simple and efficient process that maximizes the proceeds where it counts – in the final price at auction.

With our international network of buyers and our track record of sales surpassing a collection's high estimate, the choice to take advantage of RM's industry-leading marketing and unsurpassed services—whether as a private collection sale or a single-segment sale—has never made more sense.


The Thomas F. Derro Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $5.5M   |   Total Sold: $5.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The Thomas F. Derro Collection, one of the Northeast's greatest collections of American automobiles, offered entirely without reserve, stole the show at our 2017 Hershey auction, with many lots achieving or exceeding estimates. Drawing tremendous pre-sale interest, the 12-car Derro Collection was led by the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, the very first of just four examples and a mere three survivors, which brought a final $2.3 million following an extended contest between bidders in the room and on the phone.

A Private Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $9.8M      Total Sold: $11.7M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
Comprising an exceptional group of 10 iconic automobiles—ranging from marques such as Jaguar and Porsche to Alfa Romeo and Ferrari—this private, single-owner collection offered at our 2017 Amelia Island sale generated an outstanding $11.7M in sales and a 100 percent sell-through rate.

A Private Collection of Exceptional Porsches

Pre-Sale Estimate: £2.5M   |   Total Sold: £4.7M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
Thanks to its incredible single-owner provenance and the low mileage of the cars on offer, London 2016's private collection of exceptional Porsches generated enormous interest as soon as it was announced. Collectively, the group generated a remarkable £4,726,400, far exceeding pre-sale estimates and setting numerous new auction benchmarks in the process.

The Ferrari Performance Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $16.0M   |   Total Sold: $16.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The second evening of RM Sotheby's flagship Monterey auction was a resounding success, with nearly all lots sold and several exceeding pre-sale expectations. The night was led by the Ferrari Performance Collection, a single-owner group made up of 13 iconic road-going Ferraris which brought a total of more than $16.5 million. The group, which spanned over 50 years of the marque's rich heritage, boasted low mileage and had been carefully maintained by its owner.

Duemila Ruote

Pre-Sale Estimate: €24.2M   |   Total Sold: €51.3M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
In what can only be described as 'record-breaking,' RM Sotheby's captured the attention of the global collector community with incredible results at its Duemila Ruote sale in Milan. Coinciding with the Milano AutoClassica—the Classic & Sports Car Show—the auction represented the largest automotive-themed collection sale ever held in Europe. During approximately 30 hours of auctioneering, 817 lots—comprising an astounding selection of motor cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and automobilia, all from one single private collection—were sold all without reserve with remarkable results. 

The Pinnacle Portfolio

Pre-Sale Estimate: $93.0M   |   Total Sold: $75.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 92%
Comprising a superlative group of iconic sports and racing cars of the 1950s and '60s, joined by a superb roster of contemporary supercars, the two-hour Pinnacle Portfolio auction saw 25 vehicles cross the auction podium. The sale generated a record $75.4 million, an outstanding result representing a new record for a private automobile collection sold during a single-day sale. 

The Paul and Chris Andrews Collection 

Pre-Sale Estimate: $49.0M   |   Total Sold: $53.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The result of more than 15 years of dedicated and meticulous acquisition by the father and son team, the Andrews Collection is widely known and respected by the global collector community for its exceptional quality, diversity, presentation, and historical significance. The sale, staged as part of an effort to pare down the collection to a more manageable size, lifted the gavel on a total 78 vehicles and select memorabilia before a packed house. 

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum 

Pre-Sale Estimate: $6.0M   |   Total Sold: $9.1M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
A true labor of love carefully amassed over more than 15 years by businessman and lifelong collector Bruce Weiner, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum was internationally celebrated as the world's finest and largest collection of rare microcars. After making a decision to disperse the collection in 2012, Weiner entrusted RM to present 200 vehicles and 284 lots of collectibles "without reserve," setting the scene for one of the most colorful and fun collector car auctions in recent history. 

The Milhous Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $31.0M   |   Total Sold: $38.3M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The result of over 50 years of dedicated collecting by brothers Bob & Paul Milhous, the Milhous Collection represented the ultimate collector's toy box, brimming with an incredible series of rare and highly desirable collectibles. The sale featured over 550 lots, all of which were offered 'without reserve,' of an unparalleled series of mechanical musical instruments, automobiles, and collectibles, handpicked from around the world and represented the 'best of the very best.' 


A Gentleman's Collection: The Pride & Passion of Orin Smith

Pre-Sale Estimate: $28.9M   |   Total Sold: $30.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100% 
RM Sotheby's 2017 Amelia Island sale was extended to two days with the addition of 'A Gentleman's Collection: The Pride & Passion of Orin Smith,' which featured an exclusive line-up of 63 lots that generated $31 million in sales with a 100 percent sell-through rate. A wonderful showcase of RM Sotheby's expertise and capabilities in handling private collection auctions, the sale represented the first time RM has hosted a Friday evening sale at Amelia and provided a fitting tribute to a man beloved by the Amelia crowd, drawing a packed sales room. 

The Jeffrey Day Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $2.7M   |   Total Sold: $3.0M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100% 
The Jeffrey Day Collection attracted strong pre-sale interest, with a group of 50 "best of category" vehicles garnering fantastic prices on the podium, led by a highly optioned and beautifully restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner 'Glass Top.' 

The Cars of John Moir, featuring the A-to-Z Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $2.6M   |   Total Sold: $3.4M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The Cars of John Moir comprised a series of 37 vehicles offered entirely without reserve. The group was headlined by the A-to-Z Collection, a unique concept representing not only each letter of the alphabet, but also a century of automotive design from 1900 to 1999.  

The Tilley Collection

Pre-Sale Estimate: $4.4M   |   Total Sold: $5.9M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
William H. Tilley was a well-known Beverly Hills-based collector and Ferrari aficionado. The magnificent Tilley Collection spanned more than 56 years of Ferrari production and featured the following highlights: 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta, 1973 Ferrari 365 GTC/4, 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, 1990 Ferrari F40, 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1, and a 2010 Ferrari California.

The Malcolm S. Pray Collection 

Pre-Sale Estimate: $10.5M   |   Total Sold: $14.5M   |   Sell-Through Rate: 100%
The collection of renowned businessman and philanthropist Malcolm S. Pray featured no less than 17 automobiles, headlined by a 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi that he owned for half a century. With his passing in August 2013, the Pray family entrusted RM with the sale of several of Malcolm's vehicles at RM's Amelia Island sale.

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Our tailor-made experience is unique to every need while ensuring discreet service no matter what the situation.

Whether regarding a single consignment, a collection, or a private treaty sale, RM Sotheby's prides itself on providing innovative solutions. We offer a full range of services, and a large part of our success in this area has been the strategic alliances developed over the years with financial, income tax, and legal professionals. As a result, RM Sotheby's is able to introduce estate planning options and income tax strategies to address capital gains considerations. Our corporate financial flexibility and strength allow RM Sotheby's to provide a full range of services to our clients, including advances against important cars and collections if liquidity is required.

**Please note that RM Sotheby's does not provide any legal or tax advice. If you require such, please contact a legal or tax professional.


The Orin Smith Collection
"Advance preparation was thoroughly professional—and more. Working with the RM staff was a pleasure, particularly because I came to feel each member of the team truly cared about the offerings and was invested in creating the most advantageous presentation possible both in the catalogue and on the floor.” –Stephanie Bennett-Smith

The Carroll Hall Shelby Trust
"I was impressed with the professionalism of RM Sotheby's team. They really sought to understand all of the details of each vehicle they were auctioning. Their marketing and PR groups grasped the key aspects of the cars, which resulted in great presentations both online and in the printed catalogue. I was very pleased to work with them." –Aaron Shelby on the sale of CSX 2000, the legendary and very first Shelby Cobra

The Andrews Collection
“The RM Sotheby's team has truly become an extended part of our family. In our minds, there is no one else who could've done such a great job and achieved such terrific results. Their attention to detail is second to none.” –Chris Andrews

“The RM Sotheby's team comprises a great group of professionals, and it has been a wonderful experience working with them over the past eight months. From the cataloguing process to their global marketing, PR and client outreach, and onsite logistics and presentation, they exceeded our expectations at every step of the process, and we couldn't be happier.” –Paul Andrews

The Sam Pack Collection
“When I made the decision to pare down my collection, a lot of people asked me who I was going to use. Without hesitation, I said RM Auctions/Auctions America. In my opinion, they are the best in the business. I chose them based on years of respect and trust, and a relationship built on interacting with them as both a buyer and a seller. From their organization and process to their follow through and execution, the level of service they provide is unmatched. They are incredibly client-focused, and the fact that this weekend's sale represented their 30th private collection in 35 years of business speaks volumes.” 
–Sam Pack

The Don Davis Collection
“The entire RM Auctions group was outstanding in handling my auction. From start to finish, every person handled each step of the process in an extremely professional and friendly manner. The enhancements made to my warehouse by the team completely transformed it to showcase the cars in the best possible way. From the outset, I was told all I needed to worry about was showing up on sale day. Because of the confidence I had in RM, that’s exactly what I did! My experience with the entire RM team was absolutely stellar!” –Don Davis

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum
“Kudos to the RM team. Their presentation, creativity, and enthusiasm was second to none. My only disappointment of the weekend is that the show had to come to an end.” –Bruce Weiner

The John Staluppi Collection
“I chose RM Auctions as they are one of the most professional companies in the auction business. No other company could've offered my collection the way RM did. From start to finish, the job was done to perfection. I have no hesitation recommending them to others.” 
–John Staluppi

The Dingman Collection
“RM Auctions is to be commended on a fabulous job showcasing the Dingman Collection in this weekend's auction. I want to commend each and every person for their sensitivity and professionalism as my family and I processed the sale of my husband's beloved treasures. I felt RM respected and valued each piece, which allowed us to go through the letting go process of the Collection itself, which was so near and dear to my husband's heart. I know Michael Dingman is smiling, knowing his treasures not only went to those who will continue the historic journey, but that his family was treated with such dignity and care, affording us the opportunity to calmly participate throughout the two-day process.” –Mrs. Elizabeth Dingman, wife of the late Mr. Michael Dingman, following the Dingman Collection auction

The Salterelli Collection
“It was a great experience working with the RM team. RM brought much attention and interested bidding from collectors around the world.” –Diego Sgorbati, Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

The Milhous Collection
“When we decided it was time to part with our collection, RM was the clear choice. Their dedication and expertise showed through in every aspect, from the stunning catalogue to the marketing and advertising.”

The Hartung Collection
“From start to finish, Auctions America by RM did an incredible job with the preparation and presentation of the sale. The team took on the challenge with great enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency,” 
–Marjorie Cox, lifelong friend of Lee Roy Hartung

The Milton Robson Collection
“RM made the process of selling my collection not only easy but enjoyable as well. The marketing and advertising efforts they put forth in promoting my cars were above and beyond my expectations.”

Glen Konkle – Classic Muscle & Modern Performance
“From cataloguing and photography through to event planning and client services, the RM staff is terrific. I got to know many members of their team personally and was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail.”

Edgar Schemerhorn Collection of Coachbuilt Motor Cars
“RM's multiple European auction venues allowed my cars to be seen by a wide range of buyers, which surely influenced the great results. They handled the offering with professionalism and expertise.”

Ralph Whitworth – Icons of Speed & Style
“The results were outstanding with buyers in attendance from around the world.”

Nick Alexander Woodie Collection
“RM's marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns were outstanding, and the standing-room-only attendance at the auction was a testament to it.”

The Joe MacPherson Collection – Joe's Garage
“RM Auctions honored my father's legacy with class and distinction; he would have been proud of the professionalism.” –Jeff MacPherson

The Collection of Bernie Ecclestone
“Passing on my car collection was an important decision for me. I entrusted RM Auctions with this job and they delivered impressive service and record-breaking results.”

The John McMullen Collection
“For me, the event was a great experience and there was a good team of people behind the scenes that made the event run smoothly.”

The Gene Ponder Collection
“RM handled everything regarding the sale of my collection. Every detail was considered, and the results were simply outstanding.”

The Dingman Collection
“Selling my collection with RM was a remarkable, wonderful experience. The professionalism, knowledge and attitude the team brought to the task – it was all first class.” –Michael Dingman

Richard Kughn's Carrail Collection 
“After nearly three years and six auctions, RM was the only company capable of doing what I needed, and they did it flawlessly.”

If you're interested in consigning to one of our upcoming auctions, 
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