Britta Buchmann

Director of Client Services, UK and Europe

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English, German +44 (0) 20 7851 7070

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Britta joined RM Sotheby’s Client Team in February 2018 and is now the Director of Client Services. Bolstered by a background in tourism management, Britta came to RM with skills that translated naturally into assisting large influxes of clients, both new and old, at auction. She looks forward to auctions that play out within beautiful venues where she meets a multitude of clients, events built off the hard work of the RM Sotheby’s team. The Munich 2022 auction, RM’s triumphant return to Germany, serves as a particular high point for Britta, who found herself helping many new bidders. Originally from Bavaria, Germany, Britta comfortably calls London home, enjoying the team dynamic that the RM office, situated in London’s borough of Richmond, provides. Such a perspective, however, is not limited to London—RM Sotheby’s international reach gives her the opportunity to both meet and work with people from an array of backgrounds. An avid cycler, Britta prefers to spend much of her time getting around the city on her bike and enjoys relaxing through yoga.