Jera Presley

Director of Client Service, North America

Auburn, Indiana - United States

Languages: English +1 260 927 9797

Specialist Image

There is not a single stoplight to find in Jera’s tiny Indiana community, nobody needs one in an area with so few people. And that sort of small town, everybody-knows-everybody living is all she’s ever known. Naturally, relationships are important to her: family, friends, co-workers, clients, and strangers too. For her, the “who” of it all does not matter, she just loves people, and staying busy doing things with them, whatever that may be. Some, of course, sit at the very, very top of her priorities, like her family, braving the cold of Indiana winters to see her children laugh and play. Equally, when summer rolls around, expect to see her in the stands, cheering on her kids no matter the sport. Or her co-workers, who receive her help in whichever way they need it, the very thought that something might not fall under her job description, foreign. Any client can expect similar treatment, as RM Sotheby’s Director of Client Services in North America simply loves to talk, entertain, and please. A team player through and through, she directs her competitiveness towards improving that team, approaching everything with the mindset of guarantee the extra. If you are at an auction and a little lost, expect an escort, not directions, when dealing with Jera. Being seen as the best is an honor built upon the little details after all, and the only appropriate way to secure that title for her and the RM Sotheby’s team is to help everyone leave happier than when they came. All she really wants though is for anyone crossing her path, client or not, to spare her nothing but their goodwill and smiles. Connecting with people, after all, is what keeps her going, and will likely never not.