Roger Willbanks

Car Specialist

Louisville, Colorado - United States

Languages: English +1 303 918 0079

Specialist Image

Roger is a bit of a self-admitted geek—has been since childhood, when he spent much of his time sifting through his dad’s wide collection of car books. In the first grade, when his teacher asked the class to name their favorite cars, he did not skip a beat with his answer: Delahaye. An excited, honest response that earned him an accusation about making a car up. While he forged an early, and still-strong, soft spot for the pre-war coachwork beauties, such a love is only a mere hair plucked from an encyclopedic knowledge of cars. Knowledge he has employed not only on behalf of RM—whom he has a long history with, having written the entirety of the first auction catalogue in the 1990s—but also as a since-his-teens concours judge. And he owes his beginnings in large part to his father, who, with Roger’s help, has built one of the greatest car collections in America’s west, the two enjoying a strong, shared love of the hobby. Clients of Rogers can expect a similar treatment for their own collections, no matter their tastes. The act of helping to guide and connect someone with their passions, of matching the personality of the collector with the perfect fit, of transforming a good collection into a great collection—that is his drive. His soccer Dad lifestyle, however, is where his pride truly lies. Father to three boys, little gives him more joy than spending time with them and his wife—both of whom can often be spotted spending their weekends sat up in chairs alongside the field.