This unique sale showcases some of the best in British automotive manufacturing, with two of the world’s most prestigious marques, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, both at the forefront of the collection. The legend of Rolls-Royce was defined by the Silver Ghost, which evolved into the legendary Phantom series, and two wonderful examples of the Phantom series are offered as part of this auction, including a fascinating Phantom I Riviera Town Car by J.S. Inskip.

Rolls-Royce’s biggest competitor came in the form of W.O. Bentley, with the most famous of all Bentleys, the 4½-Litre Supercharged, better known as the ‘Blower Bentley’, being the most iconic. With just 50 production examples made in period, these remarkable cars are hugely collectible and rare, so a number of 4-½-Litre cars have been upgraded to Supercharged specification, and this collection features an upgraded 4-½ Litre ‘Supercharged specification’, along with two project 4-½ Litres.

Post-war Britain gave the opportunity to several new marques to appear, including the Donald Healey Motor Company. Healey was a genius at producing cost-effective but very capable sports cars, notably working through a few engineering partnerships before the launch of the hugely popular Austin-Healey. The Austin-Healey punched far above its weight in competition and sales and is still much loved by enthusiasts. Two examples of the 3000 model are offered in the British Classics Online auction.