The treasured tokens of icons—items that accompanied the undeniably inspiring individuals through their trials, game-winning moments, and triumphant victories. It’s what the Dare to Dream | Online auction is made of. This comprehensive collection offers memorabilia lots from the most iconic of genres and moments, from sports and the automotive world, to fashion and the silver screen. Enter the GOAT—racing legend Mario Andretti’s signed helmet, or the signed boxing gloves and speed bag of Sugar Ray Leonard. But there is certainly more to find within the confines of this remarkable collection. Original and replica helmets, including that of MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, automotive and racing book collections, models, movie posters, and all of the sports memorabilia including golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, and racing. Not to forget, fun vintage and new-age motorcycles and cars too. It’s the cherished mementos of the people and things we remained inspired by—the best of the best. All offered without reserve.


Tess Scaman

Client Account Manager Blenheim, Ontario – Canada

Languages: English

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