General FAQs

How do I purchase an auction catalogue? Am I able to purchase a yearly subscription?

You may purchase any one of our auction catalogues in our Store or by calling one of our Client Service Representatives. There is also an option to purchase an annual catalogue subscription. (Note: This annual subscription does not include private collection sale catalogues.) 

To contact one of our Client Service Representatives, please call +1 519 352 4575 (North America) or +44 (0) 20 7851 7070 (United Kingdom).

Buyer FAQs

How do I become a registered bidder if I am attending one of your auctions?

Visit our Register to Bid page on our website and choose the 'Onsite Bidding' option. Please note that you will be required to create an account on Once processed, you will receive confirmation from one of our Client Service Representatives via email or telephone.

What is the cost to become a registered bidder if I am to attend one of your auctions?

The registration fee varies per auction. Please refer to the Bidder Registration information on the auction webpage for more information.

Can I register onsite at the event, or is it better to register in advance?

You can register onsite at the event; however, it is recommended that you register in advance to avoid potential onsite line-ups.

Do I need to register for each auction I wish to attend?

Yes, we do require a new application to be submitted for each auction and request that you submit all required items each time, as some of the items we require may have expired since the last event you attended.

What is required to register to bid?

Photo identification (driver's license or passport) and a valid credit card are required to register. Bank Letters are also required. Copies of dealer licenses are required if you are registering as and buying under a dealership.

Is the Bidder Registration fee refundable if I purchase at auction?

The Bidder Registration fee is non-refundable.

Why do you require my credit card to register?

Credit cards serve as a means to verify credit history. Your credit card history and information will not be sold to third parties. Credit card numbers will be stored with our payment processing company so that they can be reused for your later purchases.

What is a Bank Letter of Guarantee?

A Bank Letter of Guarantee is an irrevocable letter issued by your banking institution stating that the bank will guarantee a check written by you, indicating your account number and the monetary value of the Guarantee; it must also state that no stop payments will be issued. The bank will state that the Guarantee is to be used for the purposes of the proposed auction on the date of the sale.

Is a Bank Letter of Guarantee required to register to bid?


My bank will not issue a Bank Letter of Guarantee. What are my options?

Some larger banks will not issue Letters of Guarantee. The other option is a Letter of Credit; however, your methods of payment will be limited to Certified Funds. Only a Letter of Guarantee allows you to pay with a personal or company check.

What are acceptable methods of payment for the purchase of a vehicle?

All payments must be made in the form of Certified Funds. This includes cash, wire transfers, and certified checks. You may also pay with a personal/company check as long as it is accompanied by a Bank Letter of Guarantee.

Seller FAQs

What is consignment?

To "consign" literally means to "deliver" or "entrust." By consigning your property to an RM Sotheby's auction, you are simply setting the stage for that property to be sold at auction on your behalf.

What does it cost to sell my car at an RM Sotheby's auction?

To sell a vehicle at an RM Sotheby's auction, the Consignor is responsible for an entry fee as well as a seller's commission.

What is a seller's commission?

A seller's commission is the amount owed to RM Sotheby's for the sale of a vehicle.

Online Bidding FAQs

I have bid (either onsite, by telephone, or via absentee bid) with RM Sotheby's in the past; do I need to create a new account for online bidding?

Yes. In order to access the online console, you need to create an online account with a username and password and agree to the terms and conditions of the auction.

Is there a fee for bidding online?

No, there is no extra fee for bidding online. Successful buyers are still subject to the applicable Buyers' Premium as stated in the terms and conditions of the sale, sales tax (if not otherwise exempt), and any associated transportation/shipping fees for the lot.

I see that there will be an authorization on my credit card. Will this be refunded to me after the sale?

The authorization on your credit card is not an actual charge. This is simply a credit validation that will automatically fall off your account between 7–30 days following the auction. This will not show up on your credit statement and will not cause interest to accrue on your account.